What's in it for us?

Customer Service Excellence certification can benefit both your staff and your company/organisation in a number of ways:

  • As a diagnostic tool. By posing a series of questions around the five criteria of the standard, Customer Service Excellence builds a picture of your organisation and how customer focused it truly is. It challenges you to look afresh at your organisation from the perspective of the customer – examining what you deliver and how well.
  • Building Team and Individual Skills. At the heart of Customer Service Excellence are well researched concepts around the key aspects of customer insight and how this can be used to deliver an effective customer focused service. It provides guidance on a whole range of tools and techniques that can be used to deliver excellence. In this way both individuals and teams can learn new skills and gain greater understanding of these important concepts as well as how they can be used to grow a customer focused culture.
  • Independent Validation and Certification. Your performance can be assessed against the Customer Service Excellence standard. Those organisations successfully assessed are formally certified and allowed to display the Customer Service Excellence hallmark as recognition of excellence and achievement.

Not sure how Customer Service Excellence can work for you? Look at our case studies for examples of what others have done.