Where did Customer Service Excellence come from?

In 2005 Cabinet Office Ministers commissioned an independent review into an existing customer service standard, the Charter Mark scheme, and invited Bernard Herdan, then Chief Executive of the Passport Service, to lead this work. Mr Herdan’s report, ‘The Customer Voice in Transforming Services’, was published in June 2006 following a detailed review of the current scheme. It recommended that a new customer service standard, based on the key drivers of satisfaction, should be developed to replace Charter Mark. The Government’s response to these findings was published in December 2006 which accepted the key recommendations, and Customer Service Excellence was born.

What is Customer Service Excellence?

Customer Service Excellence offers businesses a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within their organisation. For more information on Customer Service Excellence, its benefits and who it is for read our About the standard pages.

How can I learn more about using Customer Service Excellence in my organisation?

Our Getting Started pages should give you a helping hand and set you on the right road.

I have completed your online self-assessment, can I now display the Customer Service Excellence hallmark?

No, unfortunately not. Only organisations certified, following formal assessment by one of our licensed certification bodies, can display the hallmark.

How can I use the Customer Service Excellence Hallmark?

The Customer Service Excellence brand idea is based on a hallmark – indicating quality and a distinguishing mark of excellence. In order for an organisation to be recognised as achieving Customer Service Excellence they must be successfully assessed and certified against the standard by one of our licensed certification bodies. Achievement of Customer Service Excellence is recognised by awarding the right to display the Customer Service Excellence hallmark.

Use and application of the hallmark are strictly governed by our brand guidelines, a copy of which is given to each organisation following their successful certification to the Customer Service Excellence standard. If you have recently received your Customer Service Excellence certificate and have not yet had your copy of our brand guidelines, please contact your certification body.

How should I communicate the Customer Service Excellence message?

Communication shouldn’t just be something you do at the end of your Customer Service Excellence journey. With consistent, structured and well thought through communications, the relevance of the work you are undertaking can be made apparent to others. By identifying and engaging with your key stakeholders, you will be better able to secure support and head off potential issues. It's an obvious thing to say, but if people working within your organisation do not know about Customer Service Excellence, what it is, or what it is supposed to do then they will not be able to see the benefits it will bring.