Oadby & Wigston Borough Council

Pre-Assessment is an opportunity for organisations who wish to know whether they are ready for an assessment. This is a gap analysis activity and gives our customers a better understanding of their position. 


Trish Hatton, Corporate Project Lead tells us of her experience of utilising this service with Assessment Services Ltd. 

Firstly, the pre-assessment is a great idea; I am really glad we paid to do this. Having the opportunity to share our ideas (for possible evidence) that we may present for the full assessment, has been invaluable. It really helps to know that we are on the right path with some things and highlights the areas that need further work to ensure compliance.

Given the circumstances, we were initially unsure if we should wait until we could get you in (face to face) but I am so glad we push forward with doing it remotely. It has allowed us to push forward and know which areas need more focus. 

The remote process worked really well. I think the key to this was preparing our evidence spreadsheet and including a narrative (for each piece of evidence). This allowed you to understand what we thought each piece of evidence demonstrated. Although taking the time to do the narrative field was time-consuming, we will use this again when we upload each piece of evidence to the online portal, so we will save time then.

The Zoom call we set up, worked really well. It allowed us to talk through each area and for you to ask questions and probe for more detail which helped increase our score in the end too! Again I think preparation for this was key, you had done a lot of work your end so when it came to the meeting, we were able to look through the initial results together and answer the questions you had sent us in advance.

We are really pleased with the way it went and are so glad we didn’t waste time waiting to see you in person, it has kept our project on track and helped us keep up the momentum.