Print Image Network

Print Image Network is one of the North West's most dedicated print management companies. Based in South Manchester, they offer a range of services to their customers, from design and print to promotions and incentives.

Their specialist products and services encompass the provision of an end to end supply and project management service for statutory and non-statutory elections throughout the UK, where they currently supply between 20% and 25% of all local authorities.

With a primary focus on Customer Service, Print Image Network is particularly proud of the bespoke service and high standards they provide to their clients. This is reflected in their client feedback results, which are consistently positive and are praised for enhancing the user experience for voters. Their Customer Service Excellence standard is further supported by being accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which provides their clients with the level of security and compliance that they require.  

On their reasoning for choosing the standard, Services Director Steve Power said, “When the revised Customer Service Excellence standard was launched, the scope still included departments of local authorities; however, it also covered private contractors working on public contracts which had a particular application to us”.

They undertook their initial assessment in 2012 and accreditation followed soon after, before having interim assessments in 2015, 2016 and 2017 where their accreditation was maintained and also revealed Compliance Plus in 2 key areas.  Print Image Network continues to hold Customer Service Excellence, defining them as a truly client-focused company.

Since implementing and maintaining Customer Service Excellence, Print Image Network has experienced a wide array of benefits, “The standard helps us to formalise and promote our company mission to all employees and provides a mechanism through which we can actually measure our performance”

Having an external assessment has also produced a variety of value adding benefits, “The assessor took the time to understand the business and provided accurate and relevant feedback at the end of the process. An external assessment helps the business recognise its strengths and weaknesses in its service offering, from a completely impartial point of view”. 

Steve also has some useful advice on organisations considering accreditation, “Just do it! No business will ever be perfect but knowing where best to invest time and money to develop higher standards will pay dividends with committed customers who spend more”.


Centre for Assessment would like to congratulate everyone at Print Image Network on their successful assessment and the best of luck going forward.